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Unemployment - An economic situation in which jobless people, often those who have been made redundant from their jobs, are actively seeking employment.

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The shims under the reverse pawl bracket are not there for mechanical clearance, but for timing.
To get to reverse from neutral, the rear band had to apply to stop the drum from spinning, but to get the reverse pawl to engage, the band had to start to release just as the pawl was entering the reverse unit teeth.

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Product, Price, Promotion, Place. The essential ingredients of the marketing mix, and the start of 75% of all marketing presentations.

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Mark-up - The amount a producer, retailer, etc., puts on the price of the goods or services they are selling in order to make a profit. To raise the price of an item which is for sale.

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Wholesale Bank - A bank which provides services to large organisations, financial institutions, etc., rather than individual customers.

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a question asked by a few here begs for words to cover those things that have been deemed NOT ironic. In most cases, they are coincidence.

Unidentified Three Letter Acronym. More interesting than the straight TLA. See also UFLA above.

Is it ironic that I can 8767 t go to church because I have a theology test to study for?
Reader’s Verdict: 95% NOT IRONIC 5% IRONIC. Final Verdict: NOT IRONIC.

Trustafarian - An informal term for a wealthy person, who gives the appearance of being unemployed and living a Bohemian lifestyle in less than comfortable circumstances, but who is living off a trust fund.

Cost Control - A management process which ensures that departments within a company or organisation do not exceed their budget.

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