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Automated trading is not allowed for a retail trader.
Can you pl brief me about automated trading regarding its operation, technical analysis etc?
hmm.. the above question is actually quite broad, will try to put up a post on this, but go through this section you should be able to get some answers.

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Simpler products require quicker thinking and aggressiveness rather than quantitative ability as you get more complex, people become more reserved and 8775 brainy. 8776

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Behind the Curtain
Just like in "The Wizard of Oz," someone is behind the curtain driving the process. As with any model, it's only as good as the human who develops the program. While there is no specific requirement for becoming a quant, most firms running quant models combine the skills of investment analysts, statisticians and the programmers who code the process into the computers. Due to the complex nature of the mathematical and statistical models, it's common to see credentials like graduate degrees and doctorates in finance, economics, math and engineering.

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If you want to calculate expected volatility for the near term using the VIX, say a month then formula to use is (VIX/Sqrt (T)) %

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Mark it is open for trading, but somehow is not getting any trading activity. The interest has been continuously dropping in this contract.

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The truth is that almost all of these funds are just following trends and there is not a whole lot of different ways that this can be done. They all have their own proprietary tweaks but in the end the difference achieved by that is marginal. The aim of this website is to shine some light on what diversified futures funds really do and how their results are created. The strategies as such are relatively simple and easy to replicate but that in no way means that the funds themselves do not add value or that they are not good investment vehicles. For most people it is simply not an option to do alone, since it requires plenty of time, dedication, hard work and at minimum one million dollars not to be forced to take excessively big risks.

Long-Term Capital Management was one of the most famous quant hedge funds, as it was run by some of the most respected academic leaders and two Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economists Myron S. Scholes and Robert C. Merton. During the 6995s, their team generated above-average returns and attracted capital from all types of investors. They were famous for not only exploiting inefficiencies, but using easy access to capital to create enormous leveraged bets on market directions.

In addition to the majors and the crosses there are also the exotic pairs. Exotics consist of a major crossed with a lesser traded currency such as one belonging to an emerging market. Exotic pairs are less liquid and can cost more to trade due to them having wider spreads.

In this Webinar you will be learning the basics of Algo Trading and how to integrate Amibroker based strategies. If you are a Amibroker user and want to learn one step further then this session is for you.

Much like trading comps analysis, building a deal comps analysis but by using transactional data from acquisition, context is important.

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