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If Dynamic Stops are chosen, the stops will tighten faster, and the actual value of your profit target will decrease, if volatility decreases.

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I really like your approach and would like to learn how to trade it myself so if I understand what you are posting and sharing with us I would be able to progress.

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That is using simple structure and watching price action around certain structures to see what happens.  That 8767 s it.

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The point is, you can’t use this alone. You need to put together a number of non coorelated variables to give yourself a probability scenario. There’s No holy grail and this isn’t a holy grail either. So this can be one extra piece of evidence that you use along with whatever trading method you’re currently using. But don’t use it alone, it is not foolproof. So I like to show you these examples.

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At this point Secondary DecisionBar ® 6 (the red triangular arrow) is generated, telling us that the market has stalled at a previous support or resistance level.

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Trading can be a very rewarding profession, but the newbie must begin by understanding just that: Day trading is a profession and takes time and serious study to master. Even then, most people aren 8767 t successful.

Bah! Not such a good week for the SMA Crossover Pullback System as the positions got stopped out by new crossovers here and there. Take a look!

In this video you 8767 ll learn the best of any of the trend trading indicators I 8767 ve ever used specifically for day trading. This is so reliable that I NEVER trade against it!

You are right that consistency is very very important. Long time ago I started to trade dailies and some candlestick signals and unfortunately then I hopped on something else even though I was going not that bad. This time I am going to stick with price action, my biggest challenge now is to have routine which is a bit difficult with small baby in family. I am in AU and NY close is morning, 7am or 9am so I need to find some time slot when to check charts. Btw what would you suggest ? How to do chart analysis? Are you going through many pairs? How long it will usually take you to decide which pairs to trade for next day or week?
Thank you for your time

In fact, YOU are the secret “missing” ingredient that makes the DecisionBar trading method work, while other "systems" have failed.

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