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I need to clarify one doubt with you please reply me.
My Trading Account is in CDEQUI company, they are providing NEST trading i was reading your Marketcalls site,
I come to know about Metatrader. Can i use metatrader software to trade nifty or mcx
or forex with my trading account which is existing in CDEQUI.

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Even if the broker is genuine trading with such brokers are considered as illegal. Alpari(one of the top FX broker) had opened their india few years back. But they do offer to trade only in MCX-SX currencies not in international pairs.

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its confusing i made my life from forex at age of 75 from 55 usd acc in etoro ( which is to be licensed by rbi) and after 8 motnhs of lossses and then studying it made 65,555$ and currently abt average 8555$ a month what i dont understand is if it is illegal i dont see anyone getting caught or banks stopping us from using tht site and a lot of people do it wtf it their problem with forex thts why india sucks like rotten eggs once i will have 55k i will leeave this shit country that stinks like rotten eggs. one thing we all can do is abt 6 lakh people maybe do it all can unite if they try to say its illegal and do some action against us so dnt think it is really illegal we arent killing od disturbing someone. Someone kickk indian foreign ministers asss

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Was googling for forex trading and found this interesting article and very glad that it was ur 8767 s. Gr8 work bro, keep going!

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My friend having an foreign account.
I transfer my money to that foreign account.
From that foreign account I Transfer money to trading broker.
Here iam trading to that account.
After making profit iam sending the profit money to that foreign account.
From the foreign account in my friends name i am receiving the fund (profit) to my local bank.
Is there any illegal in this thing.
If a question arises.. means. my friend from abroad doing business as my partner and he is sending me the profits.

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Also, can you give your thoughts as to why Alpari & Admiral Markets have local websites/offices? They 8767 re international forex brokers? Do you know how their funding channel works?

And Also it is perfectly legal for Indian Retail traders to invest in overseas equity markets. But margin trading in overseas is suppose to be illegal as per RBI regulation guidelines.

Thanks for your reply.
I further have a question that can I carry the above mentioned currency and stamps collection from Karnataka to New Delhi , where I am going to shift soon. Is there any problem during its movement on airport / railway station / etc. I police / security asks me about this and detains me for this, how to come out of such situation ?
Pl. clarify

I gave up trading in forex as it was illegal. I lost all my deposit with iForex [now I know they are rascals] and whotrades where I did very well in Demo but lost all my deposit in live trading.

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