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Get All Your Ducks In A Row - A term for getting organised, having everything in order and making sure all the small details are accounted for before embarking on a new project.

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Affidavit - A sworn signed statement of fact used as evidence in court whose signature has been witnessed by a commissioner of oaths or other authorised officer, for example a notary. Medieval Latin for 'he has stated on oath', from affidare, meaning to trust.

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Predatory Pricing - Also known as Destroyer Pricing. A situation where a company charges very low prices for goods or services in order to put its competitors out of business, after which prices will be raised.

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Avant Garde - New or original and often unconventional techniques, concepts, products, etc, usually associated with the arts and creative areas.

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Personal Allowance - Known as Personal Exemption in the US. The amount of income an individual can earn in a year before paying tax.

No-Win No-Fee - Conditional Fee Agreement. An agreement with your solicitor in which you don't have to pay their fee if your court case is not successful.

Voting Shares - Called Voting Stock in the US. A company share which gives the shareholder the right to vote on matters regarding company policy, etc.

Imperfect Market - A market in which buyers do not have access to enough information about prices and products, and where buyers or sellers can have an influence over the quantity and price of goods sold.

PMI - P urchasing M anagers I ndex. Published every month, an economic measure relating to manufacturing. A PMI over 55 indicates industry is expanding.

Pyramid Selling - A system in which people buy the rights (often a franchise) to sell a company's products to other distributors who have been recruited, who then sell the products on to other recruits. This type of selling often ends up with no final buyer for the products. The few people at the top of the pyramid commonly make a lot more money than the many people at the bottom.

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