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The "Kamado-san" is a donabe rice cooker originating from Iga, Japan. The ceramics from this region, among Japan's most highly regarded, date back to the 7th Century. It is said that clay pots make food taste better, and with the "Kamado-san" it is easy to see why.

FROM JAPAN the kimono connection - Trend Tablet

One idea is "no tie" formal style. In business scene, wearing tie is rule, but this year, companies and government give an order to the employees "never ever wear tie!!!!" and express that we are joining the activity of " less energy movement".Pity for tie industry but good for TORAY, Teijin, UNIQLO who has presented "cool effect high-tech fabric" shirts, pants for summer fashion.

Boro: The Fabric of Life contains fifty fragile pieces of endlessly repaired and patched futon covers, kimonos, work garments, and other household textiles which were created by Japanese farmers between 6855 and 6955 using leftover, indigo dyed cotton.

"As we suffered earthquake this spring, we stop a few nuclear energy port, we expect serious lack of energy coming in july and august, Hot topic now is how to survive hottest summer without using air-conditioning  system (which eats a lot of energy).

What is interesting is that “the reason” has become more and more specific for choosing things, fashion, interior and car.

What Parco did is to touch the real meaning about “dealing with fashion” and involve customers from the birth of fashion to shopping itself.

In the recent years, a few shows had been held in the shrine and temple.
We strongly remember the exhibition in Daigo temple with Cartier jewelry.
Timeless is the keyword of this trend. By Kaori Leyasu

Jun Mitani is a computer engineer, but he's also a paper artisan he designs origami pieces with computer programs that he develops himself. Seems complicated ? Not for him, as he explained to us: "My speciality in the field of computer graphics is geometric modeling, so it's not difficult for me to develop computer programs for designing origami once the underlying theory of origami geometry is clarified."

They got great Japanese wines, and next to the registration, you can buy brown rice by measure. In the basement of the shop,  burgers and wine are is a project runs by musicians, who want to connect producers/farmers with consumers to create a better life and future.

HITACHI who is one of the leading companies for technology and social solution has introduced new technology for refrigerators.

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