US Status of Russian Adoptions Unclear

I want to do the opposite of you. I want to make sure that MAD is in full effect and that any who doubt it and start something will be the first to die.

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8775 Lesser-of-two-evils propaganda, 8776 . acknowledging the fact that the . has a first-past-the-post electoral system.

Jill Stein in Moscow criticized US human rights, said

Inaccuracies contained in the articles ought to be addressed. Briefly I’ll attend to some. There were claimed tax advantages to be gained by going over to NZ. Fact is NZ is not a good location to reside if you seek favourable taxation treatment. If minimisation of tax is what you seek, then there are superior islands. You could even do a lot better if you avoided the South Pacific altogether and went to Russia or even China. Check it out.

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I understand. And this is not meant as advice or a warning because I could care less about whether the Democrats or Republicans win (because it makes no difference at all) but just as an observation millions of people are offended by racist islamophobia, mass deportations, bigoted laws and union busting.

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And all the BS about 8775 adults can get to work 8776 ? Please. I look forward to TPP and all that other 8775 adult 8776 bullshit that just further comforts the obscenely wealthy at the expense of those on the margins. But oh, she just sounds so progressive!

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Hah! We 8767 re 8766 exceptional 8767 , and live by the core-belief 8775 If it 8767 s not happening to [me], then it 8767 s not happening 8776 .

Did you notice how McGovern said that the elephant in the room was Israel, and that no one took up that point? It 8767 s amazing how Israel has American cowed. McGovern, Saker, and Paul Craig Roberts are among the very few with real courage.

Okay now I understand your point. Yes, parts of the US might be just as bad as all of Russia if the rest of the country didn 8767 t outvote them in national elections and if we didn 8767 t have courts. But we do have those things. Also, as much as I loathed W, he wouldn 8767 t have stood by while gay people were being murdered and not had the cases even investigated. yes, that happened once upon a time in this country but it hasn 8767 t for quite some time now. Matthew Shepherd 8767 s killers were convicted in Wyoming, hardly a liberal bastion. It is better. Maybe not by enough, but it is better.

And awfully conveniently, your ranting about how non-Liberal the Dems are is extremely helpful for the Trumpster. And you wonder why we call you Trump plants

Hillary 8767 s chances remain as strong today as they have been for the last week, even as her post-convention bounce should continue to fade.

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