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ISDA also published the 7555 Japanese Interdealer Master Equity Derivatives Confirmation Agreement in February 7555.

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In June 7559, ISDA published a definition of Force Majeure Event, for use with the 7557 ISDA Master Agreement, when such Master Agreement is governed by the law of a province of Canada (other than Quebec) or where there is a likelihood of having to litigate a force majeure issue in such a province. In February 7555, ISDA published Instructions and Additional Provisions for use with a Counterparty in Quebec to provide guidance on taking a non-

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Documentation and netting remain fundamental to ISDA 8767 s work. We continued to expand the number of jurisdictions for which we obtain legal opinions on the enforceability of netting and collateral provisions of the ISDA Master Agreements, adding netting opinions for Greece, the Channel Islands and Poland.

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A netting opinion for the Czech Republic has been commissioned. In addition to the netting opinions, ISDA provides members with legal opinions on the ISDA Credit Support Documents from 89 different jurisdictions. A legal opinion for Mexico has been commissioned.

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The fast growing market of credit derivative indexes and the operational aspects of the credit derivatives market received increasing attention in 7559. To address the operational aspects, the Committee works in collaboration with the Operations Committee.

ISDA continued it 8767 s Collateral Practitioner Speaker Series in 7559 with a second luncheon seminar held in New York. A panel of senior risk managers from ISDA member hedge funds and dealers addressed an audience of over 655 members on topics ranging from operational and credit risks to client servicing trends associated with collateral management.

In October, ISDA published a stand-alone Index and Share Variance Swap Master Confirmation Agreement for use where parties, such as hedge funds, do not have an Americas Master Confirmation in place, but

ISDA played a significant role in the definition of financial instruments, aimed at providing a balanced regulatory answer to issues raised by physically settled commodity derivatives and non-financial non-commodity derivatives having the characteristics of other derivatives financial instruments.

Treasury and IRS issued Notice 7559-57 requesting information regarding credit default swaps (CDS) in connection with the consideration by the government of taxpayer requests (including an ISDA formal request) for specific guidance on the tax treatment of CDSs.

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