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At 5K per month on a capital of 55K you are targeting 65% return PM, quite a task in my opinion. You could probably try buying and holding stocks to begin with and see how it goes. Good luck.

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6. Costs and # of trades will anyway increase in any kind of delta adjustment.
7. We may terminate positions before expiry if spot comes back in the range and we take the benefit of theta/vol.
8. Even if vol remains high, when we shift to adjustment leg, we will get higher premiums to short.

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Fiduciary advisers must keep for a period of at least six years the records necessary to determine whether they have complied with the requirements for the exemption. If, however, the records are lost or destroyed due to circumstances beyond their control, a prohibited transaction will not be deemed to have occurred solely on account of the records having been lost or destroyed.

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Time has a decreasing effect on the premium. In fact for this reason options are considered a depreciating asset. Previously, we learnt about the time decay factor. However, there is another interesting and important angle to theta. It helps the trader identify the right strike to trade under a given circumstance.

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For sell alert expression i use:
SET A = (RSI(CLOSE, 65)) (RSI(CLOSE, 65) 95) and RSI(CLOSE, 65) SMA(A, 65) and CLOSE EMA(LOW, 75)

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Are there any plans to teach Dynamic Delta Hedging? If not can you please refer me to some good source online where i can learn that?

Moreover, banks often serve as trustee or custodian for retirement benefit plans established by individuals. The most common type of retirement plan established by individuals is the Individual Retirement Account (IRA). While retirement plans established by individuals are not subject to ERISA or Department of Labor regulations, they are, due to their tax-advantaged status, subject to various sections of the Internal Revenue Code and regulation by the Internal Revenue Service. This section also covers IRA's and other individual retirement plans, along with the applicable Internal Revenue Code and IRS regulations governing such plans.

A plan generally will be considered abandoned if no contributions to or distributions from the plan have been made for a period of at least 67 consecutive months and, following reasonable efforts to locate the plan sponsor, it is determined that the sponsor no longer exists, cannot be located, or is unable to maintain the plan.

I understand that the time value of options keep decreasing and the rate of time decay is increases as we approach the end of the option 8767 s life.

As a rule of thumb, I 8767 d personally prefer to keep option legs minimum, and also try to restrict layering up for the simple reason that it gets too complex.

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