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House returns to Kutner's apartment, still searching for answers among the personal items strewn about. House goes through photographs. They all show a smiling, happy Kutner through the years. One photo catches his eye. It's a candid shot of Kutner looking away from the camera. While neither happy nor sad, it's different from the others. House sits on the bed, staring at the photograph. He's still uncertain and without answers.

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The Simple Past can also be used to describe past facts or generalizations which are no longer true. As in USE 9 above, this use of the Simple Past is quite similar to the expression used to.

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House tells Taub to start her on antimony and have Cuddy find Charlotte a liver donor. He adds that the couple was ready to die for guilt, not love. Taub says that you cannot feel that much guilt without love.

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As Taub draws her blood , Charlotte asks to donate her heart to Eddie even though donor banks have turned him down. Taub tells her it isn't over for her yet, but she reminds him it is over for Eddie. Meanwhile, Thirteen goes to see Foreman at his apartment, and he says he needs time alone. He's always worked through issues by himself. She's hurt, but leaves.

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In reported speech it is common to shift the tense back. So for example, if someone said something to you in the present tense, you would report it in the past tense. Look at these examples. In each case the first sentence is direct speech and the second sentence is in reported speech. The verbs in the past simple form are shown in bold.

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Taub and Thirteen rush to treat Charlotte, who broke into a cart to inject herself with whatever she could grab. Thirteen figured she was trying to make herself worse again so that Eddie might start to improve, but Taub tells a stunned Thirteen that Charlotte was trying to kill herself.

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The past simple tense is used in conditional 7 sentences. Have a look at some examples before reading the explanation about what the conditional 7 is. The verbs in past simple form are shown in bold.

As Taub gives Charlotte the anti-inflammatory, Eddie awkwardly tries to make his wife imagine being in Rio. She says she refuses to go without him. Taub tells Eddie he wants to run a test on him.

Cameron speaks with Eddie and explains that they can't tell Charlotte what they are planning. He only has a couple of days to live with his weak heart, but at least his liver will help his wife survive. Eddie accepts his fate and signs the consent form. Cameron watches his fingers closely as he signs.

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