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It s quite rare to find a program about trading on one of the main TV channels, and the ones that are shown are generally dumbed down, but there was a documentary called Traders: Millions By The Minute that was shown on the BBC a few months ago that was surprisingly good.

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Alright so let’s look at another way that we use this. Actually it 8767 s the same way but look at it from a different perspective. You could call this a divergence. But the advance decline line goes up here but look again we have a higher high on the E-minis. Whereas we just have an equal high, essentially the advanced decline. And so therefore again that showing that this move up is moving up on weakness.

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Every one of these bars is touching the 5 line. Goes back, hits negative 655 again. That’s a good sign. Retraces. Now it gets a little bit above here where we may not like it as much. But not quite as bad. But anyway you catch your quick little move. Again. Hey you know that’s what, maybe 85 minutes in the market. That you are maybe little bit longer than that. But hey not a bad little trade if you are a scalp trader.

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A perfect pennant breakout would have seen the price break below this pennant in the direction of the underlying longer term trend, so I wasn t looking for a huge price move.

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This is one of the most powerful things that I’ve ever come across. This thing is amazing. It is really, really good. I really encourage you to at least experiment with this because this has helped my trading tremendously.

this article has been helpful to me, because ever since i started using the bigger time frames my profits has been more the my losses less.

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