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When a monster dies, it will roll most of its drops tables to see if a player should obtain an item, and then which item they should obtain.

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Drops , also known as Loot , are the items that monsters leave behind for the player that killed them when they die, or when they are defeated. These items may then be picked up by players. Drops often include bones , coins or other items. Most monsters have "655%-chance drops", which is an item or items that are always dropped by that monster upon defeat or death. 655%-chance drops are most commonly bones or demonic ashes. Certain monsters may have more than one type of 655%-chance drops, however a common example of this are metal dragons , who drop dragon bones as well as metal bars corresponding to their composite metal (see the image to the right).

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can you define what you mean by 8775 Blackout period 8776 is it the same as :

Extrinsic Value by

Thanks Peter. Further, if I need to rollover my position to next month, then do I need to pay some extra premium or can I rollover at the same price?

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Hi Luciano,

Yes, it represents your P& L movements today when the stock price changes by the amount on the x-axis.

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I figured it out now. I just had to add more steps to the model. It works fine now.
Thank you for a explanatory and relatively simple model.

Universal drops are a class of items that can be obtained by nearly every monster. Usually, this drops table only includes the Key token however, promotional items can be added during Treasure Hunter promotions. Drops on this table usually follow a time release mechanic . if a key token was obtained as a drop, it will not be possible to obtain another key token for several minutes. This time gate is universal as well, being closed by, for example, skilling and obtaining a key token. Drops on this table may or may not be added directly to a player's inventory/bank.

Hi Jai, it really depends on what market you re looking at and what your view is of this market is it trending upwards, is there a lot of volatility etc?

That s what s great about options - the strategies vary according to lots of factors.

This is done with an equation that varies with the type of option under consideration. For example, European and American options are priced with the equations below.

We now need to discount the payoffs back to today. This involves stepping back through the lattice, calculating the option price at every point.

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