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This is off-topic, but the pantry organization you linked to was NOT done with dollar store baskets/storage containers. I know because I have some of both kinds of container, and they came from Target for much more than a dollar each.

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I think the key is for people who 8767 ve had them burnt out, is to keep them in regular lamps. Recessed sockets can make them too hot.

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Some Dollar stores carry Crayola crayons, We always buy Crayola at our $$ store, can 8767 t beat $ for a 79 pack of crayolas. Ours also often has brand name hair products like Dove, herbal escensed and Some salon brands when the packaging changes. I have also found Method cleaners and body products at the $$ stores near me. You have to check often because it is always changing.

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I have mostly CFLs, mainly because I hate changing lightbulbs. I find their performance very inconsistent. I have a few light sockets where a CFL will burn out within a few days. After trying a couple, I 8767 m back to incadescents for those, but I was not too happy about those. I have a few rooms where the it takes a long time for the CFL to get to full brightness, and it drives me crazy much longer than 5 seconds for those rooms. But in some places they brighten up right away (at least as far as I notice).

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8775 A 65-centimetre silicon wafer costs just $65 and can accommodate 655,555 LEDs making the cost per unit tiny. That levels the playing field with CFLs, which many people only ever saw as a stopgap solution to the lighting problem. 8776

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Great post! Right now I use CFLs for all of my light sources I feel like the environmental cost is fairly even because of the mercury hazards of CFLs, but I do like the energy savings :)

Actually kitchen aid is one of the best ones I have found and you can get them at Ross, target, Walmart, etc for reasonable prices.

One commenter above said that she has some fixtures that CFLs burn out in a couple of days in. What 8767 s probably happening is the socket is still releasing some energy and isn 8767 t completely off when it 8767 s off. Incandescents can handle that, CFLs can 8767 t.

Someone mentioned it also with regard to disposal of CFLs. They contain mercury and are not exactly 8775 great 8776 for the environment when compared with incandescent disposal. I guess it is a darned if you do or don 8767 t: use more power with incandescent bulbs and put out green house gasses, or add to the ever growing pile of mercury polluted landfills.

I just wanted to comment and say I buy my toothpaste their and have been for years. I use the colgate or crest they carry. No problems. Also, my daughter got physicians formula make up there and she loves it. There new nail polish is good too. I 8767 ve used adult and children 8767 s tooth brushes with no problem. The kitchen products though are generally not safe and I would not suggest them other then the glass. The betty crocker kitchen scissors are awesome for all projects.

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