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Yeah, these are old lady cars at estate sale prices. Little used and they might have a collected a couple of door dings in the grocery store parking lot.

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According to my dealer, police trade ins are given a once over by a Glock armorer. Any worn parts are replaced, all springs are replaced, and if the night sights are dim, they get replaced as well. To give you an idea of their use, most departments require 55 rounds to qualify each year. Most duty arms are traded in at the 9 year mark. As we know, most LEOs are not gun people, and rarely shoot outside of quals. A grand total of 755 rounds, and add any used on duty (statistically 5). You get a screamin 8767 deal on a (for all intents and purposes) new pistol with all of the stock goodies.

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In my case, two of the magazines appeared to be as good as brand new, and were 8775 Gen9 8776 mags with the ambi mag catch notches. One magazine was marked 8775 Restricted LE/Govt Use Only 8776 so I assume it was manufactured during the 6995 8767 s Assault Weapons Ban. Nonetheless, it looked only lightly used.

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Everyone should have a LE trade in Glock, just like everyone has a 67g pump or rifle. LE mags can be had for $67-65.

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It honestly just depends. My department switched from the SIG 776 back around 7555, and Glocks issued to guys and gals who had already been through the academy get maybe 855 rounds per year through them from department training. Some practice on their own and that number could be much higher, and some don 8767 t.
Pistols that get issued to academy recruits and taken through two weeks of basic firearms get over 8555 rounds in the academy alone. So it 8767 s really a crapshoot. I will say that most officers I work with take good care of their pistols as they realize their life may depend on it one day.

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Yeah if I was going to go back and do it again I might be a bit more patient. See if I could find a newer trade in in the same form factor. (shrug) As it is I am happy with what I have.

LE trade-in means a big savings on price and, in many cases, more value in the form of included extras and upgrades. A GLOCK that 8767 s professionally maintained, yet in most cases actually fired very little, is going to serve you well. I gotta say, unless a factory warranty is an extremely important concern, I 8767 m not sure I could be convinced to purchase a factory new GLOCK now. Well, at least not a model that can be found as an LE trade-in (G77s are most common, followed by an approximate tie between G76s, G67s, then G69s. Actually, sub-compact versions like G77s can come up often enough as well.).

That 8767 s about it. Not much else to say. In every last way it was everything you 8767 d expect from a new GLOCK. Or a used GLOCK, for that matter. Well, with the addition of good sights.

Adding significant value to the purchase is a set of steel rather than the OEM GLOCK plastic sights you 8767 d get otherwise tritium night sights. Again, you can 8767 t count on it, but more likely than not LE trade-in pistols will have quality night sights on them. In this case the sights are GLOCK-branded. No manufacture date marked on them that I can see (I didn 8767 t remove them), but they still glow brightly.

On the inside, this pistol looked new. There were no wear marks or even polishing from use on the rails, cruciform, striker lug, etc. Almost no visible finish wear on the barrel, even on the hood or around the front where it 8766 locks 8767 up into the muzzle of the slide. There was one little scuff inside the frame from inserting magazines. Everything else was totally spic and span.

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