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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. in Juneau redeemed $7 billion in hedge funds to invest in a managed account so that investment choices would be made in-house. Likewise, the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System in Des Moines was setting up plans for moving investments to managed accounts with seven firms.

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With a managed account, days may pass before the manager has the money fully invested. Also, managers may liquidate securities at specific times only. Conversely, shares of mutual funds may typically be purchased and redeemed as desired.

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When owning a managed account, the manager may attempt to offset gains and losses by buying and selling assets when it is the most tax-efficient time to do so. This may result in little or no tax liability. In contrast, mutual fund shareholders owe taxes on capital gains when portfolio managers sell underlying stocks for a profit. Therefore, shareholders have no control over when capital gains are realized.

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However, with a managed account, the investor puts in money, and the manager purchases and places physical shares of securities in the account. The account holder owns the securities and may have the manager sell them as desired. In contrast, mutual funds are classified by investors’ risk tolerance and the funds’ investment objectives, not by individual preferences. For example, an investor with an aggressive growth profile may purchase volatile stocks, whereas a conservative investor may purchase safer investments. Also, investors purchasing shares of a mutual fund own a percentage of the value of the fund, not the fund itself.


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Please note that Interest Rates are subject to change without notice as per the market trends and the bank 8767 s decision in this regards is final.

TMB has been very popular since long for being the bank offering the highest rates of interest for NRI accounts for the benefit of its depositors. No wonder a major part of our deposits are from NRI citizens abroad. The rates are split for different types of NRI Account to offer the highest rate of interest possible.

Managed accounts and mutual funds help diversify an investor’s portfolio. Pools of money are invested over a variety of securities that are actively managed by professional managers.

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