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Carole, Yes you 8767 re right. The bank does need to make up bad loans from the proceeds of good loans. It needs to pay its staff and run its premises etc. It can 8767 t just 8775 create money from thin air 8776 to do that.

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The chief of Qatar Airways accuses American carriers complaining over alleged subsidies to Gulf airlines of 'bullying,' as he announces new US routes in defiance of mounting airport restrictions. Video provided by AFP Newslook

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Are banks really responsible for pushing up the price of housing? The market determines the price of housing, so if there is a shortfall in housing, it pushes up the price. So you could say that the high price of housing is due to insufficient available housing.

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An educational merger that can bring learning to millions. Time

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Kim Komando shares three of the best apps to help you navigate the roads, the weather and your finances.

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The "Finding Home" app takes over your smartphone, throwing you in the world of a 66-year old refugee girl from Myanmar. Buzz65

Martha Stewart is extending her well-known brand beyond the shelves. The domestic diva has just entered the wine market via the launch of Martha Stewart Wine Co. The hand-picked wine is delivered straight to a person's house. Newslook

I don 8767 t think so. Someone correct me if I 8767 m wrong, but credit is money created out of thin air, and once that money is paid back it isn 8767 t destroyed, but put back in the bank along with the interest as profit.

In addition to your input, rates are based on one car and one driver with no traffic violations and state minimum coverage. Rates assume the driver is an employed college graduate and a homeowner with no lapse in coverage. Vehicle is assumed to be garaged on premises and used primarily for commuting and is driven 65,555 miles annually. These rates also include a percentage discount to reflect an aggregate of commonly available carrier discounts. Rates displayed are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Because high finance and speculators do not invest their 97% of fake money into real economies. These 97% of money are not used to buy goods and pay services, these 97% are only sitting on bank accounts, generating new interest.

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