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Thank you for your input! The porcelain kettles I 8767 ve seen are online actually. Not many to choose from but there are a few companies that make them. Again, thank you for replying.

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Any loss is a business loss and this can be net off against any income other than salary either in the same year or if you file your losses in time anytime in the next 8 years. This loss would include the trading loss and sum of all expenses that you have incurred towards trading.

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Irrespective of the nature of trades you carry out your income tax returns have to be filed before July 86 for individuals and September 85 for companies. In case your turnover exceeds Rs. 6 crore in a financial year, by turnover I mean the sum of settlement profits and losses in your trading account, then the book of accounts needs to be audited or if any other reasons for having the books audited the due date is September 85 to file your returns. Under section 776 B, failure to submit the tax audit in time has a penalty of % of turnover or Rs lakhs, whichever is lesser.

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Firstly, if you are working in central Govt/PSU, you need to first check if your allowed to trade in the stock markets. Certain govt organizations don 8767 t allow you to.

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My deltas for AAPL look fine, see link below

AAPL Options

Can you send me a screen shot of what you see?

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Can I show business expenses (Brokerage Charges, Internet Charges, Advisory Charges, Computer Charges, Electricity Bill etc.) to reduce the taxable income from Speculative Income (Intraday/Day Trading Stocks (Equity))

Call Broken Wing Butterfly Spread - A Butterfly Spread with a skewed risk/reward profile which makes no losses or even a slight credit when the underlying stock breaks to downside. This is achieved by buying further strike out of the money call options than a regular butterfly spread. Read the tutorial on Call Broken Wing Butterfly Spread.

Hi Nithin,
As per below CBDT Circular
8775 CBDT also wishes to emphasise that it is possible for a tax payer to have two portfolios, ., an investment portfolio comprising of securities which are to be treated as capital assets and a trading portfolio comprising of stock-in-trade which are to be treated as trading assets. Where an assessee has two portfolios, the assessee may have income under both heads ., capital gains as well as business income. 8776

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Something which is open for debate, how IT determines speculative is if a trade doesn 8767 t result in delivery, and since the stocks never came to the demat account, it is speculative.

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