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A brave stab at tying yesterday's rate rise with the other big (bigger?) story of the day, the release of a new Star Wars film.


If you haven 8767 t looked here already, try http://. You can choose any area, type of dwelling, etc. While the market has slowly improved over the past 7 years, Canadians are still buying as there are still decent deals out there, especially if you are flexible on location/type of property (home/townhome/condo). We purchased our condo in early 7567 and are very happy. Best of luck!

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55:88 Asian markets open strongly Asian stock markets jumped on Thursday as investors chose to take an historic rise in US interest rates as a mark of confidence in the world's largest economy, reports Reuters.

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The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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We purchased our condo in March of 7567 for $75,555 The Average selling price for a Caribe Cove condo so far for this year is around $665,555 and higher (for a 8/8). Had we purchased a year earlier, these condos were going for $68,555!

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Remember Real Estate is a long term investment. Buy what you like, in the right location and you should do fine. Market forces are changing dramatically, for instance, look at the influx of baby boomers in the South and it will be accelerating. That did not exist in the past. The South should therefore benefit from it to the detriment of the North. I would put my money on Real estate prices going up in the South unless the Government does something stupid nah, they wouldn 8767 t do that

76:69 When should the Bank of England follow? There's been a mixed reaction from Britain's business lobby over the Fed hike, reflecting the disagreement among them over when the Bank of England should follow in tightening policy.

Cathy, You are right, it is not a prerequisite to buy for discount cruises. It is just the convienience that is offered as you take 8 weeks off and as you are ther pondering about something inexpensive to do, the options are more readily available as you just pull up in a cab within an hour.

Can Canadians rent out there property for 67 months out of the year without a lease in the United States (To United States Citizens) and Not report that Income To The United States Government ?..Is legal or illegal?

"The US is better placed than other major developed economies for a rate hike. But it's not clear one was needed," RBS analysts write.

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