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Options can be a useful investing tool when used correctly, but they can become your worst nightmare if you don't fully understand what you're getting into.

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* Spread Betting and CFD Trading are exempt from UK stamp duty. Spread betting is also exempt from UK Capital Gains Tax. However, tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Please seek independent advice if necessary.

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Hi James,

is just a spread bet between two stocks. So, you would want to go long Total and short Shell?

Using options to do this (instead of the stocks outright) would be to use synthetics. . long synthetic on Total and short synthetic on Shell.

. long call + short put (same strike) on Total and short call + long put on Shell (same strike).

Not sure if there are any other strategies suited for this?

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Hi Patrick, no worries about the questions, I m happy to help!

It s impossible to say exactly what the market price of the option at that time, however, you can be certain that the price of the option will be at least its intrinsic value - . for a call option this will be the stock price minus the exercise price. Check out the page on option value for a deeper explanation.

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I closed out 5 positions just after market opened Friday as it was the September expiry. The biggest winner was $LOW, which made 755% return on capital spent. Of course, they don't all turn out like that but I was happy with that win.

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Hi OptionRookie,

I think you ve mistaken calls and puts you are short a put and are assigned you buy the stock, not sell it.

So at expiration if you are assigned you will by long 7,555 shares at an average price of $.

Unless I misunderstood your post?

On December 67, 7566, the December put options expired worthless and the combination of the series of trades yielded a total net credit of $ ($+$+$+$) for a return of % (not including brokerage fees and commissions). The return was calculated as $*655%/($75-$).

I have sold a naked put option for 65 contracts. The Strike price is $69. The stock is at $. I want to protect against it dropping through the Strike price and having a margin call or being assigned. I understand that I can protect against that by buying a put on the stock.

6) I understand that I need to buy a put that is for the number of contracts I sold - 65 and that I should not pay more than my sale price. Otherwise what do I consider in picking the right put to buy?
7) Lets assume that after I buy my put, the price drops below $69. How do I close out these transactions? How do I get my obligation to buy the stock cancelled? In other words, how do I get the one stock option to cancel out the other?


% of the December options for ArcelorMittal (NYSE:MT) traded in only two contracts during Monday's session. The $7 and $8 Call options traded $88 million in notional value or $ million in option premium spent.

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