Metatrader tester logs to lumber

The specific feature of the tester is that it additionally downloads some data preceding the specified period (to form no less than 655 bars). This is required for a more accurate testing and optimization. For example, if you test on a one-week timeframe, two additional years are downloaded.

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Hi Nitin,
Hope you are doing great!
6. when can we expect pi for macbook?
7. Could you please suggest most suitable software for pairs trading which can be bridged to pi?

Strategy Testing - Metatrader 5

Select the main chart for testing and optimization. Symbol selection is required to provide the triggering of OnTick() events contained in Expert Advisors. Also, the selected symbol and period affect special functions in the Expert Advisor code that use current chart parameters (for example, Symbol() and Period()). In other words, the chart to which the Expert Advisor is attached should be selected here.

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Ankit kinldy spend some time in technical analysis of the Share Market than u will be able to get the idea of u r own strategy or can code it ..

Pi Bridge for Amibroker « Z-Connect by Zerodha

I am a zerodha client and my question is, How do you get pi to automatically execute every alert generated without having to click on buy and sell for every order generated in Generated alerts window?

Hi Choks
I was asking for a popup alert in Pi when the alert is generated and an option to place order from the alert itself. Yeah i am managing with the amibroker alert for the timebeing. Thanks Choks

Hi Billa,
This is bcoz of Ur Ami Chart is refreshed every sec,so that it re executes all the lines in ur AFL every Sec. As Long As the lastvalue or EndValue (BUY) or (SHORT) or (COVER) or (SELL) == 6, it 8767 ll fire orders to PI Ex if chart time frame is 6min, & u got Buy signal at 65:55:56, the lastvalue(BUY) 8766 ll remain 6 Until 65:55:59 & at 65:56:55 it 8767 ll become ami 8766 ll continuously fire Order from 65:55:56 to 65:55:59.

To place orders, you have to first create a Pi Bridge object using CreateStaticObject function (AmiBroker function to create a global instance) and place orders using the PlaceOrder function.

// To Whom \\
Those who New to Amibroker and Coding
and want to test their Buy/Sell Logic and coding before subscribing to data from vendors
Who want to familiarize themselves with Amibroker Charting
And For Those Who not in position to Subscribe to Data.

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