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I enjoyed and happy of choosing AFT. As anything else what you want to succeed in, it requires your will, dedication and patience.


The Options Institute's online courses are designed to help every level of investor gain a fuller understanding of the uses of listed options. Complete the courses you feel would be most suitable for building your knowledge and confidence in using listed options.

The Index Trading Course by George A. Fontanills

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The index trading course (eBook, 2006) []

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The index trading course: workbook | George A. Fontanills

The course was well structured, delivered with enthusiasm, motivational and was filled with live examples. It was also fun!

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Today's index market offers exciting opportunities to trade and profit from a variety of different instruments, including gold, bonds, the stock market, specific sectors, and industry groups. But if you don't have a firm understanding of this market, lack a strategic plan, or fail to manage risk effectively, there's a good chance that success will elude you.

Successful index trading requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge that is not shared by many. It requires a different set of skills when compared to trading futures, stocks, or stock options. Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, The Index Trading Course will help you understand what indices are, how they are used, and, most importantly, how to make money with them.

Now, in The Index Trading Course Workbook, Fontanills and Gentile offer a wealth of practical exercises that will help further your understanding of index trading, as well as test and apply what you've learned before you take one step into the real markets 656 where time and money are luxuries you can't afford to lose. The media assignments found in each chapter are especially useful. They'll help you put the material you've read into action by prompting you to access some of the extensive media tools currently available to all traders 656 including financial papers, magazines, the Internet, and television.

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I highly recommend everyone who is interested in trading to take the Ultimate Traders Program. This academy is very helpful. The courses offered are very interesting and clear and the best part is the support team. Thank you so much AFT!!!! Your the best!

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