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Every valuation model ever developed by an economist or financial academic is subject to the risk and volatility that exists in the market as well as the sheer irrationality of investors. While calculating intrinsic value may not be a guaranteed way of mitigating all losses to your portfolio, it does provide a clearer indication of a company's financial health , which is vital when picking stocks you intend on holding for the long-term. Moreover, picking stocks with market prices below their intrinsic value can also help in saving money when building a portfolio.

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In his seminal book, Security Analysis , which he first wrote in 6989 along with David, he discussed the concept of a range of value. He wrote

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Now, let 8767 s solve the problems using logs. In this case, we will convert to base-7 logs so that we can solve the problem in our head (in fact, any base could be used). Converting our numbers, we have:

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Every business has an intrinsic value derived from its company 8767 s fundamentals and its performance (historical and forecast). It is a company’s fundamentals, specifically its profitability and its inherent business or investment risk that creates the value.

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Right now, the trailing twelve months earnings per share for Wal-Mart is $.  If the company continues to buy back its own shares and grows its earnings at least with inflation, a 5% growth rate seems reasonable for the biggest retailer on the planet.  The current AAA bond yields are around %.  Plugging this into the formula, we get:

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Normalised Earnings Once we have calculated our NROE and Payout Ratio we can make an assessment of the sustainability of both by considering the industry and the company position.

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In my opinion, one of the mistakes that many investors make when attempting to calculate intrinsic value is that they are too strict or rigid with the application of the various mathematical formulas suggested. The following table calculates the intrinsic value of 65 Standard & Poor's Dividend Aristocrats with the highest premium of current price versus the formulaic calculation of intrinsic value.

Thanks for a nice article..Your intrinsic value calculations seems kind of difficult to digest. You mean Hindustan media ventures is worth 67777 ??

One such personality known to us is Warren Buffett. Common investors does not have investing abilities like Buffett, hence precise calculation of intrinsic value becomes difficult. But even rough estimation of intrinsic value can be a very valuable information for stock investors. How common men like us can estimate intrinsic value of stocks?

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