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I trade with just the Green(UP Volume) Line. All others ae blacked out on the color selection. Using a 85 min. chart ,I wait for 7 consecutive green lines to appear.
This gives me the trend,I go off the last bar you can get into the trend in it's earlier 's working for me.

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Wilson: By definitive I mean that is looks absolutely certain that the trend will reverse and continue to go in the opposite direction. If you want to wait for a confirmational second candle you can, however, it is not necessary, once you see the reversal take place on the . and then you are good to go!

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Moving Average Candlesticks ( MT9, MT5 ) a classic moving average indicator visualized in a form of Japanese candlesticks.

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Fundamentally-oriented traders will tend to trade one or both instruments, taking trading cues from the other. These cues can be gathered from a list of topics including:

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Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders ,professional traders to individual traders.

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Bertus: Ideally, the Derivative Oscillator can work on any type of expiry time. however, it would require some tweaking of the time frame that you are watching along with the averages and periods used with the Derivative Oscillator.

For identifying Narrow ranges of Prices.
Identifies following with explorer:
6. NR 9
7. NR 7
8. NR 69
9. NR 76
5. Tweezer Top
6. Tweezer Bottom
More the price is Narrower, the more the poss

This indicator was developed by Leon Wilson. It works best applied to weekly charts as a trailing stop and used as part of a trading system.

This indicator can not be used alone, but must be accompanied by other indicators. What should be monitored and the most important of these indicators are green and pink, others simply viewed with a skeptic attitude.

Thanks for the explanation, Considering that volume indicator reflexes the broker's trading volume only and not the whole market since it's not possible, In MFI the volume is essential part of its equation does that mean that MFI accuracy depends on brokers given volume accuracy?

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