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Hi! Your featured slider is very cool! Will you write the tutorials about your featured slider? ^^ How to make it work with wordpress? :D!
Thanks for all of your tutorials !

Explode PHP string by new line - Stack Overflow

Paste plain-text data into the below textarea or upload a file up to 65MB. Choose the mode and/or version and click the Calculate button. The resulting hashes will be shown in both hexadecimal and Base69 encoded format

PHP: levenshtein - Manual

After we 8767 ve inserted the CSS stylesheet to the head section of the document, we can start laying down the rules. Only the more interesting ones are included here. You can view the rest in .

Mpr srl

Exactly what i was looking for, if only we could in and out it will be perfect. Thanks for the good share of knowledge

Online SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 Hash Calculator

really cool - i will adapt this for a twitter-api-based application - it's a perfect solution for my agenda - thx - great work

Advanced Event Timeline With PHP, CSS & jQuery - Tutorialzine

One possible solution is to change the date_event field in the table to string (it is currently a date/time field) and change this line in :

These constants make your page system independent, but you might run into problems when moving from one system to another when you use the constants with data stored on another system. The new system's constants might be different from the previous system's and the stored data might not work anymore. So completely parse your data before storing it to remove any system dependent parts.

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Given the last point, you may find preg_split() using all the possible variants will give you a more reliable way of splitting the data than explode(). But alternatively you could use explode() with just \n , and then use trim() to remove any \r characters that are left hanging around.

Very nicely done. Just one small enhancement I'd suggest: adding a close button to the pop-ups (or instructions to click outside it to close).

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