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I feel silly that people said its not possible to gain from Forex.. Its require Skills and expereience. I plan to become a fund Manager for IGOFX, Triumphfx, Marigold very soon.

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As Myfxbook monitors the trade done by traders directly on the trading server with a read only password created by myfxbook and entered by the trader to the monitored account to make sure the transaction is real and the trader do have access to the said account.

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Not all the FM are making profit each month, provided you choose the right one. By just recruiting members, u didn 8767 t get anything if they don 8767 t trade!

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IGOFX isn 8767 t a mutual fund or Warren Buffet. There is no proof any trading takes place that directly correlates with a 65% to 85% monthly ROI on top of recruitment commissions paid out.


Instead of wasting your time asking me to prove a negative, how about you apply the same logic to the company making the claim.

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are they consistent no not at that level but they do e achieve much higher returns than what you have claimed the experts make in a whole year

You can, but keep in mind whatever public trades IGOFX are doing has nothing to do with the automated 65-85% monthly ROIs.

Igofx claimed they are receiving three more awards- Best Forex Broker, Fastest Growing Forex Provider and Best Forex Technology in Asia by Global Banking and Finance Review.

Victims of Venus FX and FX United (primarily Malaysians) have already learnt this lesson the hard way. Does it really need to be taught again a third time?

7. If the Ponzi scammers running IGOFX were able to generate a 65-85% monthly ROI legitimately, why would they be wasting time running Ponzi schemes on the internet?

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