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The Purple Resource Center has all the tools and downloads you need to bank with us. We have online forms for downloads, online calculators to calculate your loans and mortgages. Our event calendar shows you the recent events and upcoming event(s). This will enable you make adequate preparations for these events.

“Market Health is the best program I have come across. The selection of marketing resources is second to none, and the customer service is very impressive. Any questions I have had were answered in a timely and efficient manner. If you're serious about promoting health and beauty products online, then this is a place you must have. A+ outfit.”

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I made a promise to God when I was a child. I prayed to him when my mother had another pain attack and seemed to die, that if he helped me to cure my mother, I will spend the rest of my life to help other mothers and fathers and their children. I would help them so they wouldnt have to go to the same kind of pain that I and my mom had to go through. He answered my prayers and that is why Im on this mission today.

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Supplier: Milk powder, tea leaves, dry fruits, rice, beet sugar, coffee creamer, palm sugar, dry berries, long grain white rice, natural pure honey, Hot chocolate, mineral water, dry papaya, short grain rice, sodium chloride, chocolate bars, sparkling water, dry guava, broken rice, yellow corn, white chocolate, pink salt, soybean meal, fresh oranges, whole chicken, rhodes grass bales, goats, bone meal, fresh apples, frozen beef, alfalfa hay bales, livestock, fish meal, palm kernel meal, fresh fruits, palm kernels, palm nuts, timothy hay bales, sterilized or raw cotton

Services: OEM, exports

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You can present a guarantor or guarantee of registered trade association or union or any other form of security available and approved for this product. You do not need a guarantor, if you secure the loan with deposit in your other accounts like savings or fixed deposit or can provide C of O of landed property/lock up shop.


It is better because it is cheaper for the customer: • A fixed monthly charge is applicable on debit turnover within the variant band Where debit turnover exceeds the variant limit, reduced COT rate is payable on the excess amount only. • It makes planning easier since customer’s monthly transaction charge is known • Because of reduction in bank charges, the business profit is increased. • There is easy access to Business Booster loan with less stress on collateral.

Prestige Current account is the product for you. There are two variants of PCA, namely PCA Individuals and PCA Non-individuals. You can open the PCA individual and run your account at zero COT.

You can only withdraw once on this account in a month. Withdrawal more than once would lead to forfeiture of the credit interest on the account for the month

A child would get the claim of ten times the account balance after the bank has been notified of the accidentaldeath or permanent disability of the administrator. The bank would notify the insurer and after due diligence has been done and claim verified to be true, the child’s account would be credited with insurance pay out.

Answer: The rate of interest is based on perceived risk associated with each customer which can either be low or high. It is %flat per month for low risk customer and %flat per month for high risk customer. The level of risk is determined by thecustomers’ rating score on the evaluator.

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