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Right from understanding the basic journal entry, final accounts, tax compliances, we will also help you to enhance your soft skills (business communication), understanding advanced Excel and technology used in industry, the most essential, SAP training.

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To make this opportunity more accessible to a larger number of people Durham College offers second career programs in different delivery formats that include:

Cosmetology Career Options, Salary & Job Demand

Biggest problem for Fresher's, all the jobs that we like – need some work experience in Finance & Accounts, without work experience jobs are mostly in BPOs, Back office or Sales. So what can one do?

Physiotherapy Education: Degree and Career Options

According to the United States Department of Labor, the . employment rates for personal appearance workers such as hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, skin care specialists and shampooers are projected to grow. Job growth in cosmetology is expected to rise at a rate of 68% between 7567 and 7577 (BLS, 7567) which could lead to greater demand for hairdressers, stylists, barbers and cosmetologists over the next decade.

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Choosing what to study after class 67th is a critical and career-defining decision. Unfortunately, too many students begin career planning at the last minute and end up choosing paths that are popular, but not suited to their aptitudes. Therefore, it is important to begin early and to know what options lay ahead of you after school so that you can make an intelligent and calculated decision. Students often miss out on potentially great career choices due to lack of timely information.

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Cosmetologists can provide a variety of services, but typically focus on one area, like hairstyling or makeup, in their work. Having your cosmetology license and professional experience could open up doors to becoming an instructor later in your career.

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With a broad spectrum of skills, you can pursue more careers than most people imagine, once you complete your beauty school training.

These sound like wildly different jobs &ndash and they are. But putting them together shows how diverse the field cosmetology can be. With your knowledge, experience, and passion for beauty, you can work in many types of roles. There are countless companies that make and promote beauty products. They need people like you to represent their brands. And think about all the trade shows that beauty professionals flock to. Highly organized, strong leaders who love hustling products and showing off the latest beauty supplies and trends should consider becoming a trade show director.

There are numerous interesting and lucrative career options in India apart from the usual ones such as doctors, engineers, or civil servants. has compiled a list of career choices in India from diverse fields like science, engineering, medical, computers and IT, mass communication, law, armed forces, performing arts and design and many other fields:

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