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Parents will be told of this decision within two working days and will receive confirmation of the decision in writing within five working days.

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Sometimes expectant parents hear, through a friend or family member, about a family who would like to adopt their child. This is called a matched placement. The potential family must still become AdoptReady by having an adoption homestudy completed and attend an adoption training program. The expectant parents will still be counselled about other placement options. Great care will be taken to ensure that you are not pressured to place your child in a home you are uncomfortable with simply because the family is known to you.

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Decide between adoption, parenting and adoption. If you do decide on adoption, you 8767 ll also need to decide which path to pursue: open adoption (exchanging identifying information and contact with the adoptive parents) semi-open adoption (exchanging some identifying information with the adoptive parents) and closed adoption (no exchanging identifying information and no contact with the adoptive parents).

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5. What happens to my child while I am thinking about adoption?
Your child may be placed with specially chosen and trained pre-adoption foster carers while you decide what to do. You will be encouraged to visit your child when in foster care as this has benefits for both you and your child even if you decide on adoption. Sometimes birth parents are reluctant to have contact for a range of reasons. Staff are happy to discuss your reasons and will not place any pressure on you.

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If you gave a child up for adoption some time ago and are thinking of trying to make contact with that child see our section on finding and contacting birth relatives.

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Expectant parents who are exploring adoption as an option have lots of questions. It is important to know that you can ask these questions without fear or pressure. Expectant parents can call either a private adoption licensee or a local Children&rsquo s Aid Society to explore the options and ask questions before making a decision. You will be given information and assistance from a birth parent counsellor who will not pressure or sway your decision. The birth parent counsellor is responsible for ensuring you have an understanding of all the options available to you, including parenting the child.

Adoption is one option however, there are a number of options available when faced with having a child, including raising your child yourself with support or with the help of the other parent and/or extended family. It may be helpful to consider placing your child in foster care for a short period, while you consider your feelings, options and receive support.

As you are considering adoption for your older child, keep in mind that you can contact an adoption professional without any obligation to proceed with an adoption plan. It is completely acceptable to contact an adoption attorney or agency, discuss your options, and receive information – even if you ultimately choose to parent your child.

Sometimes an expectant mother is not in contact with the birth father during the pregnancy. This will be discussed in counselling and with the licensed adoption professional to determine the best course of action.

An adoption agency, on the other hand, will often provide free adoption counseling. If you don’t have an identified adoptive family, an adoption agency may make the most sense because they often provide the most adoption-related services, including the largest lists of waiting families. This benefits the mother because she has more options to choose the family that best fits her adoption plan.

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