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Impulse move   8775 Longer leg 8776 on the chart, which points the direction of the trend. Candlestick size is usually larger, signalling momentum behind the move.

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a Impulse move lower with a huge spike down (possibly due to news event). Price continues trading towards the low

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You 8767 ll get a beautiful PDF file that contains trading strategies and techniques I 8767 ve shared with you (and additional content that I 8767 ve no space to write here).

The Price Action Trading Strategy Guide | TradingwithRayner

I am new to the market and after three weeks of daily consistent losses, I came by this website and now I feel pretty confident about the next week
Thank you for the information you provide

Forex Grid,Martingale,Hedging in all in one EA

Anyway just asking, during a high-impact news (like yesterday FOMC) about stops. Do you modify your stops? or leave it as it is? Also, what is your counter measure for events like the interest rates? Would love to hear about that. Thanks once again.

I don 8767 t have any countermeasures as the stop loss is in place. So it 8767 s either I get stopped out, or price moves really in my favor.

d Strong corrective move higher with large bodied candles. The trend is possibly over and could transit into a range market

Selling at resistance would get you stopped out, as price breaks above the resistance, only to trade back into the range.

Now, before the light bulb in your head goes off with 8775 buy low and sell high 8776 , I want you to see the reality of trade range markets.

A break and close below 675 would be bearish with the completion of a head & shoulders pattern. If it happens, I 8767 ll look to short or remain on the sidelines.

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