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A clear understanding will be given of derivative contracts 8767 characteristics, pricing, application, settlement and risks.

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Initiate a full range of transactions to manage available cash balances using our simple but powerful electronic banking solution.

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Our user friendly platform provides you with on-line, real-time access to educational opportunities ranging from webinars to on-demand sessions.

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6. Used by both fund managers and individual investors, cherry picking is a method that reduces the amount of time required for researching stocks as the pool of securities in which investors pick from is significantly narrowed. For example, rather than having to research all the stocks that deal with semi-conductors within the exchanges, an investor may instead look at a few mutual funds investing exclusively in these products and research only those investments picked out to be the best performers.

7. Legislation has been changing in order to stop this practice from continuing.

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The SA Financial Markets Journal is SAIFM’s official online magazine. It is published twice a year in April/May and September/October respectively.

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An intensive workshop offering delegates the opportunity to develop their skills in differentiating between the different classes of derivatives.

High volatility, on the other hand, has the opposite impact on the optimal corridor bands riskier securities should be confined to a narrow range in order to ensure that they are not over or underrepresented in the portfolio. Finally, securities or asset classes that are strongly correlated with other held investments can acceptably have broad ranges since their price movements parallel other assets within the portfolio. (A high-risk security can reduce risk overall. Find out how it works. Refer to Make Your Portfolio Safer With Risky Investments .)

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