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For example, let’s compare here and here. A lot of times this will be the same. So here we are below, price actions below the 75 period simple moving average, and price is moving down. Now we get an identical move here, okay that’s great. Now here’s where we get something different though.

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And by the way, I’ll say one more thing here. I found that on these extremes of the tick index indicator, usually the number 8 is pretty darn good. So if you do want to look for an exhaustion pattern, wait for it to hit a 6555 8 times. Then look at everything else. Look for other things that would cause you to think that the trend’s going to reverse if those line up. after 8 times hitting a 6555 or negative 6555, you may just get a reversal at that time.

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Now here is what 8767 s a little unusual. Lots of people will say that when you get down to these lower levels on the tick index indicator then that is bullish, that the marketing is getting oversold. And if you saw my videos on the RSI, you’ve heard me talk about this concept. That is not correct.

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Now back in the days of yore, I was always taught that that’s a reversal situation because it 8767 s so extreme. And unfortunately then I actually started trading and I found out that wasn’t really so true. It is extreme. And sometimes the market will reverse off of that but again it 8767 s really got to do with the dominant direction of the market. The market is in a dominant direction down. So it goes down, retraces a little bit. Goes down again. What’s happened, what happened there? Well it goes back and hits a negative 6555 again. And then it almost does it the 8 rd time.

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Trading can be a very rewarding profession, but the newbie must begin by understanding just that: Day trading is a profession and takes time and serious study to master. Even then, most people aren 8767 t successful.

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So the same thing here. This isn 8767 t an indicator, it is actually an index that measures a statistic of the number of advancing issues versus declining issues. And issues mean basically equities or stocks. So how many are going up versus how many are going down at that time?

It should not be assumed that the information in this web site will result in you being a profitable trader or that it will not result in losses. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. You should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

Consider adding the tick index indicator  to your trading method and it may take your E-mini day trading to a new level.

The point is, you can’t use this alone. You need to put together a number of non coorelated variables to give yourself a probability scenario. There’s No holy grail and this isn’t a holy grail either. So this can be one extra piece of evidence that you use along with whatever trading method you’re currently using. But don’t use it alone, it is not foolproof. So I like to show you these examples.

By the way, for those who maybe don’t know, a Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern basically looks like this: you have a high, then you retrace, a higher high, then a retrace, then a lower high and then a retrace. And people call these different things but basically Head and Shoulders pattern. That’s the basic idea. A high, a higher high and a lower high.

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